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Internet Marketing Optimization Factors

Tired of spend money for adwords. SEO Internet Marketing Optimization Factors that make first page promises, that cost thousands of dollars with little to no results.

Bring on the WSTB program. WSTB Internet Marketing Optimization Factors announces a revolutionary new and exciting concept where search engine success is guaranteed or you pay nothing.

Its so simply and here is how it works. If Internet Marketing Optimization Factors accomplish a number 1 position on Google for a related search phrase that gets 25 hits a day the cost is $75.00 for 1 year.

If we achieve a first page position 2 through 10 for a related search phrase that gets 25 hits a day on Google the cost is $50.00.

If we achieve a second page ranking on Google the cost is only $25.00.

Lets put this in prospective. If you do a adword marketing campaign that costs $1.25 for each click. AND you get 25 clicks a day. The cost to your business is $31.25 a day. Let say you continue the campaign for 30 days. Your total bill at the end of the month is $937.50 Lets take it farther.... and you run the adword campaign for 1 year. The Total Cost is an amazing $11,250.00.

So you select...... $75 for a year or......$11,250.00

Seriously what would 25 new customers a day mean to your business?

So Stop!.......Stop spending on adwords marketing when market research shows 80% internet seracher choose natural listings over paid. Sign up with the only guaranteed program where you pay only if we succeed getting you at top listing.

Sign-up is easy............deposit $50 to get started then tell us the number of pages you want us to do and when we score the first page position on Google we will bill you for the balance based upon where you get located.

Special note. If we locate a related search phrase that receive 50 hits or more per day the cost increase is only $25.

The time is no better like the present..... start making the World Wide Web work for you. Millions of customers use the internet hourly and nothing helps like a top first page ranking on the worlds most used internet search engine Google.

BUT on top of that usually a top ranking on Google means a top ranking on Yahoo and Bing and these search engines are free at no cost as our introductory launch.

To get started today click BUY NOW

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